The Legend Of Patch Chango!

In 3rd year of college we had a fun module: “Computers Games Programming Tools And Techniques”. Our task for this module was to mod a proper, professionally developed computer game: The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. This was a really great change of pace from all the dry theories and simplistic sample programs we had been utilising til then. Now we would get to actually create our own original fully featured game, albeit within the limits of the Oblivion world and gameplay.

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

Our team of four used the Elder Scrolls Construction set to make our game.  We each did different aspects of the project. My first task was making up a storyline for our game. Oblivion is normally focused on pretty simple combat missions, so to change things I up I thought a murder mystery game might be fun. The storyline involved a city’s crimelord, Patch Chango, being murdered. The town guards, aka police, want to solve this crime, while Chango’s lieutenant and gang want revenge on the murderer. The player can choose which side to work with, and get a different story, set of missions and rewards based on who they help.

Will you help the noble soldiers or demonic criminals?

After coming up with the story, we each designed and implemented the locations, the missions, and the dialogue. I personally created the house of the crimelord, and had lots of fun creating a dark, evil place! Human hearts in the cupboards, dungeons, demonic artifacts, altars of black magic… Really got my imagination going! Then there was a lot of scripting to get the different missions done, and plenty of conversations to write, so the player could gain the information to solve the mystery.

A look at the Elder Scrolls Construction Set, used for creating this project.

Overall this was a very fun project, the opportunity to create my own characters and storyline, as well as do the more technical stuff, was very enjoyable. I did encounter some issues with some team members contributing much more than others, but overall it was a great project to work on.


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