While on co-op for Boston Scientific, I worked on a major project to show all the different plant metrics and data in a simple, easy to use interface that employees could access. Each metric had its own app, and the one I was working on was scrap and yield. We were developing these apps using QlikView.

An example of a QlikView App.

I worked away on this project for many weeks. Getting the data, loading into my app, and giving the user logical ways to organise and display this data was the main requirement. I had a basic knowledge of QlikView and was thus able to get most of the basic requirements myself. However, I had trouble implementing some of the more complex formulas and scripting, so I ended up working with QlikView consultants to finish it off.

This project was a massive change of pace from college! Gone was the casual atmosphere, working from my comfy apartment, getting friends to help me out. Instead, I was working from a cubicle in a huge office, working with and getting help from many different colleagues, and working to very important deadlines too. This was no academic exercise, this was a real project, with real requirements, costs and deadlines. This was a bit scary, but a fantastic experience to have! I also got some invaluable experience of business meetings, keeping in touch with the other employees working on the project, and keeping my manager informed of any problems I was having. I definitely feel more confident working with real business projects now, as opposed to my own private ones.


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