InstaView Inc!

Our team consisted of myself and fellow students Eamonn Tuohy, Diarmaid Haugh, Martin Cahill, and Dave Keane. We began by brainstorming an idea. We each contributed ideas to our list, some practical like a handle that could be fitted with different tool heads (shovel, pick, etc), and some outlandish like velcro equipped self tying shoe laces!

When our list was complete, we picked the three ideas we thought had the most potential profit:

  • A hard drive with a built in screen that shows what files and folders the drive contains.
  • A vacuum sealed coaster which could be attached to the bottom of a glass or cup, and stay on as it was picked up, eliminating the problems of missing/losing coasters
  • A service that would help a person find their phone by making it ring out loud even if it is set to silent.

We performed S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis on each idea, and decided on the hard drive screen as the most useful, original and profitable one. We designed the screen to be as simple as possible, just a basic text display with 4 buttons for navigation. This design would:

  • Keep costs down, monochrome text only screen and few buttons is cheap.
  • Make it easier to use, no mass amount of confusing features or buttons.
  • Make it tougher, no fragile physical components like a touchscreen, or complex software prone to failure.

After coming up with the design idea, we produced the following mock up:

This was a very fun project, the collaboration of creativity with my peers was interesting and rewarding. Coming at the problem from a business point of view was worthwhile as well, its not necessarily “is this good” but more “will this sell”. Overall it was a great experience that will serve me well in the future.

For further information, please see the following presentation of idea and company business plan:




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